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New York Water Sports on Lake George

On beautiful Lake George, New York water sports certified instructors at Adirondack Water Ski School offer lessons that foster confidence, skill and fun! Lake George skiing, wake skating, wake surfing, barefooting and tubing lessons from experienced instructors will have you up in no time, improve your skills, or just show you how awesome watersports in the Adirondacks can be!


From beginners to advanced boarders, Adirondack Water Ski and Wakeboard School instructors can teach you how to get up on a board or improve your technique. For wakeboarding, we use a Mastercraft X2 boat to create the perfect wake to get you the jump that you want. Every year the school partners with Castaway Marina to put on a Wakeboarding Tournament in the village of Lake George.

Waterskiing on Lake George

Water Skiing

From novice to expert, Adirondack Water Ski and Wakeboard School instructors will teach you either how to get up on two skis or improve your technique to master the single ski. On Lake George, we always look for the flattest water we can to give you a smoothest ride.

Give wakeskating a try with our certified instructors


Don’t like being attached to your board, ¬†give wakeskating a chance. Much like wakeboarding, the rider is towed behind the boat but use a fiberglass board that is not attached to their feet. Much like skateboarding, the rider can then do different tricks they wouldn’t be able to do attached to a wakeboard.

Wake Surfing

Fan of surfing? Try surfing behind the wake of the boat. The rider starts off being towed behind the boat and releases the rope to ride the wake. Let our New York watersports experts get you started or give you some tips!

Tubing on Lake George


Looking for a smooth ride behind the boat or a heart pounding ride over waves and the wake? Take a ride on one of our inner tubes for a fun ride. A fan favorite for any kid.


Barefoot Skiing

Who needs skis when you can go on your bare feet. The instructors at Adirondack Water Ski and Wakeboard School can teach you how to get up on your bare feet.