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Lake George Waterskiing

Lake George waterskiing is considered the granddaddy of Adirondack watersports! Waterskiing is one of the most popular activities on the water in the Adirondacks. Since the first set of water skis was patented in 1925, the sport has grown – more than 17 million Americans water ski every year! It’s no surprise – water skiing offers unique fun and thrills for kids, adults, families and athletes. Discover watersports and learn to ski on Lake George with the help of Adirondack Water Ski School.

For first-timers, there is nothing like the thrill of popping out of the water and finding yourself gliding across the surface of a lake for the first time! For both new and experienced skiers, Lake George waterskiing offers many opportunities for fun and excitement, along with gorgeous Adirondack Mountain views, crystal clear water and 32 miles of absolute freedom!

Learning to waterski is fun and easy with a great instructor and the right equipment. You don’t even have to be a great swimmer to try your hand at waterskiing – the required flotation devices are designed to ensure your safety in the water.

Our Adirondack Water Ski School skiing instructors are certified, experienced, and love the sport! Whether you’re a beginner getting up on two skis and learning to jump the wake or want to perfect your slalom, you’ll discover the excitement and fun of waterskiing in a safe and professional setting.

Ready to improve your skills or learn to waterski in Lake George? Call (518) 644-3726 or contact us online to make your reservation today!


First Time Water Skiers Go Through Three Steps

Lake George waterskiing lessons for the whole family!